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Assassin's Creed Unity - PC

September 29 2015 , Written by I love games PC

Assassin's Creed Unity - PC

Assassin's Creed Unity

One thing first: with bugs and definitely unclean, if not catastrophic, Launch I'm not going to deal. Currently the patched game runs on good hardware relatively round and stable. From this actual state I go out.

During my school years, the French Revolution made me really only a yawn. Ten years after this I can barely understand because they probably one of the most exciting for us in Western Europe and most relevant time periods, the world has ever seen. The struggle of the bourgeoisie against the ruling class and the many small and large injustices has laid the foundation for democracy and equality.
When I first time saw the trailer to render Unity, I thought that was probably the most interesting setting would that an Assassin's Creed has ever received. Damn cool, like in the trailer the Assassins accompany the storming of the Bastille and support the onslaught of the applied masses it penetrate into the interior, where one, of course, lynch Templars. The Assassins therefore propose to the side of the revolution, support them to succeed here and to influence the course of history.
Sure, it makes sense, too! The Assassin stand for freedom, everyone's responsibility and fight the Templars, who want to provide by all possible means a dubious order. What Unity has then made it? For me, an incredible disappointment. How cool would it be to influence the story was, or the feeling of having to be there.
At the immersion it has not located! this website for hacks is amaising Paris looks fantastic, the huge masses of people make the demonstrations credible, all the major players on the you can remember from the history lessons are still more or less present and the protagonist Arno reminded me at first with his arrogant but savory style to my favorite Assassin Ezio , In principle, Ubisoft has thus once laid a great foundation for an exciting story. That then begins with a false murder assignment, and we must embark on the search for the true murderers of our foster father ... ok, is clichéd, but may well be the entry point into an application-rich great story.
Is not it unfortunately.
The main story of Unity remains from beginning to end a simple revenge story. The previously declared by me as so exciting French Revolution remains the whole game only frame. It gives the game a historical period, a graphic kit and approaches in a plot hanger. But we never have an influence on the revolution. The Assassins Brotherhood keeps a low profile regarding their opinion or their influence in these troubled times. Although we kill throughout the game and can affect the protagonists of the revolution, whose demise would certainly have the historical event in any way, but that the particular murder could have consequences or even has (!) Is close to us in any case from the narrative placed. The important personalities of the time are, as far as I can tell, though all mentioned and occur even within the framework of main or side quests name, but most remain so pale and lacking in character that it can also be someone else would have. It seemed almost as if Ubisoft would not dare to characterize this historically significant characters. Because you would have are wrong or a historian can get to his feet.
The fact that we, for example, get to know one at that time still young and relatively unimportant Napoleon's great that we should do In addition to jobs in the further course of the game for Napoleon also. Since Napoleon was probably one of the biggest profiteers of the Revolution, one might have thought that one him there, perhaps unwittingly, could have helped to expand or to lay a foundation stone on the basis of which lies his later rise his power.
What do we do? A pseudo funny love triangle to watch that, according to Wikipedia, had no relevance for the further work of Napoleon.
But back to the main story: Wrong assignment murder, revenge, was there anything else? Oh, Eliza!
Elisé is beautiful, confident, intelligent, just a great woman. Unfortunately, it belongs to the Templars. Does not matter!
The relationship of Arno and Elise is another example of how incredibly much potential was presented at the history of Unity. Parallel to the revolution we are here both the Assassins and the Templars as close as never before. Here one would have, taking the revolution as a hanger, can shed light on the different points of view. Arno and Elise could argue about which aspects of content, at least a few ironical remarks towards the other and the organization would probably have been possible. Instead, they gather themselves together in relative harmony to achieve their goal of revenge acquisition and have no interest in explaining the other their different perspectives.
I could mention more examples that I chose show but pretty much why I was personally so disappointed by Unity.
Apart from that Unity offers a great city, with a wide range of varied activities and in my opinion, improved combat and Freerun system. Gameplay technically Unity is progress and certainly not a bad game. For series newcomers it may perhaps be damned well suited to become a fan.
I would have liked anyway a greater focus on the French Revolution. My hope is that Syndicate behaves differently in this respect. At least the trailer speak yes again the fact that it comes to the battle of arm against kingdom.

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